Sunday, February 17, 2013

SCW results - Bremerton, WA 2/16/13

SCW  -  2/16/2013  -  La Poblanitas, Bremerton, WA

Von Hess over Randy Zellers
El Sonico over Poe Frog
Demarcus James over Kaos
Bedlam & The Fallen over Von Hess & The Native Assassin by countout
Zapopan over X-Man
Victor I. Price over Rad
The Native Assassin over Von Hess
Mean Mark over Graves
Avarice over Christopher Ryseck
Bedlam & The Native Assassin over Mean Mark & Rad, Demarcus James & Ryan Rude and Poe Frog & El Sonico in a four-way elimination match

Next show -
2/23  -  Suquamish Tribal Center, Poulsbo, WA  -  Tokyo Monster Kahagas vs. Von Hess, Sunni Daze vs. Christopher Ryseck

Thanks to Charles Short

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