Saturday, July 5, 2014

ECCW results - Port Coquitlam, BC 6/28/14

ECCW "We Will Riot!" @ the Elks Lodge

1) Scotty Mac def. Mr. Smyth

2) Alex Plexis def. Karl Cunningham

3) ECCW Woman's champ Nicole Matthews def. Jaida

4) Nelson Creed def. Jack Cunningham

5) Tommy Lane vs. Tucker Bowen was a no-contest when Bishop & Sid Sylum interfered

6) ECCW champ Bishop def. Ray Brooks. Post-match saw Brooks' wife leave him and join Bishop and Sylum.

7) Daniel Adonis and Jordie Taylor co-won an 18-man Battle Royal. As a result, they will wrestle on September 27th, with the winner getting a Canadian championship match later that night.

8) Bishop & Sid Sylum def. Ravenous Randy Myers & Nicole Matthews. Post-match, Ray Brooks attacked Sylum with a chair.

ASW results - Richmond, BC 6/28/14

1) Matt X Static def. Nick Price

2) Delilah Lodge & Dash Venture def. Bambi Hall & Toga Boy when Lodge pinned Hall

3) The Great Kasaki def. ASW Cruiserweight champ Collin Cutler to win the title

4) The Breakers def. Azeem the Dream & Christopher Ryseck to win the ASW tag team title

5) ASW Trans Canada champ Gangrel def. Kyle Sebastian in a 2 out of 3 falls match

Sunday, June 29, 2014

WCWC T.V. recap - 6/29/14

-Joe V & Jeff Akin open the show and recap last week's DDT Challenge between the Grappler and Jake the Snake Roberts. Grappler will teach the DDT to Danny Duggan, while Roberts chose to teach the hold to one of Grappler's pupils, Jeremy Blanchard.

1) Mikey O'Shea vs. Mike Santiago ended in a double DQ when Gangrel and Ethan HD got involved

-Joe V interviewed the Grappler & Grappler 3 at ringside. Grappler says Grappler 3 has to wear an ORTHOPEDIC BOOT due to a leg injury suffered on a show in Salem. Joe V thinks it's Grappler's famous LOADED BOOT, but the commission has approved it, so Joe V's suspicions are in vain.

2) Grappler 3 def. Nick Price after kicking Price with the LOADED BOOT while Grappler distracted the referee

-Pat Kelley interviewed Alexander Hammerstone & Morty Lipshitz backstage. Lipshitz says if Hammerstone can beat Cody Smith tonight he will be able to join the Grappler's Wrecking Crew

3) Alexander Hammerstone def. TKO Cody Smith after Morty Lipshitz interfered

-Pat Kelley interviewed Darren Corbin backstage

4) Darren Corbin def. Instant Karma

-Pat Kelley interviewed the Grappler & Jeremy Blanchard backstage. Jake Roberts interrupted and told Blanchard to stand up to the Grappler and be a man. Grappler then cut a promo and Roberts and Blanchard seemed to just disappear off camera.

5) WCWC champ Danny Duggan def. Dr. Kliever (w/ Johnny Fairplay). Grappler came out and tried to get Duggan to use the DDT as a finish, which almost cost Duggan the match.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Upcoming Events

June 29 - BCW in Portland, OR @ N. Portland Eagles, 6 PM (Tex Thompson & Tony Stetson v Lonestar & Damon Scythe)

July 5 - WCWC in Portland, OR @ Bob White Theater, 1 PM (T.V. Taping)

July 6 - WCWC in Salem, OR @ Houck Middle School, 5 PM (featuring Jake the Snake Roberts, Matt Striker, Jimmy Jacobs, the Grappler)

July 6 - BCW in Portland, OR @ N. Portland Eagles, 6 PM

July 7 - Jake the Snake Roberts: One Man Show @ Harvey's Comedy Club in Portland, OR, 7:30 PM

July 12 - ECCW in Vancouver, BC @ the Commodore Ballroom, 8 PM (TLC - Tony Baroni v Alex Plexis v Scotty Mac v Mike Santiago; Colt Cabana v El Phantasmo v Ethan HD)

July 13 - BCW in Portland, OR @ N. Portland Eagles, 6 PM

July 20 - BCW in Portland, OR @ N. Portland Eagles, 6 PM

July 27 - DOA in Portland, OR @ East Portland Moose Lodge, 4 PM (DOA title - Jeremy Blanchard v Eric Right; PNW title - Pugsley v Quiz v Jonas Albert Robinson)

ECCW results - Vancouver, BC 6/21/14

1) The Bollywood Boyz & the Stallions def. Nelson Creed, Pete Powers, Sid Sylum, & Ethan HD

2) Mike Santiago won a 4-way elimination match over King of the Yukon, Daniel Adonis, & Billy Suede

3) Lak Siddartha def. Scotty Mac in a stretcher match

4) Andy the Dreadful Bird def. Shreddz

5) Scotty Mac won a 3-way elimination match over MR2 and Brandy Malibu

6) Bishop def. ECCW champ Ravenous Randy Myers to win the title

ASW results - Cloverdale, BC 6/27/14

1) Matt X Static def. Dash Venture

2) Jason Cage def. Nick Price

3) ASW Woman's champ Bambi Hall def. Delilah Lodge

4) Great Kasaki & Nate Daniels def. Azeem the Dream & Christopher Ryseck via DQ when Ryseck threw a fireball at Daniels

5) Travis Sionys def. Michelle Starr

6) TKO Cody Smith def. Mr. India in a $1,000 winner take all match

7) Moondog Manson & Gangrel def. Collin Cutler & Kyle Sebastian when Gangrel pinned Sebastian to win the ASW Trans Canada title

Thursday, June 26, 2014

DOA results - Portland, OR 6/22/14

DOA "Star Spangled Showdown" @ the E. Portland Moose Lodge

1) NextGen def. Psydsho & Puff

2) Mary Jane Payne def. Kate Carney

3) Wade Hess, Dr. Kliever, & Derek Drexl def. Pugsley, Draven Vargas, & Pat Large

4) Jorel Nelson def. Jack Cunningham

5) Kellen Raeth def. Pure champ Nate Andrews to win the title after the Clan attacked Andrews prior to the match

6) Jeremy Blanchard & Eric Right def. Ethan HD & Jonas Albert Robinson

7) Ricky Gibson & CJ Edwards def. Mike Santiago & Quiz in a steel cage. Due to the pre-match stipulation, Gibson & Edwards can no longer team up.